Sunday, February 6, 2011

Untitled #3

A deeply intimate caress
The lilting sound of your voice
You never can feel the stress
I'm left with very little choice

The sweet passionate embrace
I can feel your calloused hands
Watch the tears run down my face
My will died with your demand

Your broad hips against mine
Always able to steal my reserve
Somehow you crossed that line
I suppose i got what I deserve

The hot passionate touch
Sweet whispers resonate in my ear
How did I learn to hate you so much
The newest reason I fear

Never will my heart be opem
I know eventually I will heal
Words of forgiveness never spoken
Time will change but it doesn't seem real

Oh sweet man inside
It seems as though your excyses break
Bend me until I want to hide
Was your love for me only fake

Do you really disregard my love
The touch was beautiful left me gaping
Your not a broken dove
The way I feel was like a raping

Of my heart and soul
The incomplete disregard
Have you met your goal
To remove my strong guard

This fact breaks me in two
Asshole, I really fell for you.

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