Sunday, February 6, 2011

Untitled #3

A deeply intimate caress
The lilting sound of your voice
You never can feel the stress
I'm left with very little choice

The sweet passionate embrace
I can feel your calloused hands
Watch the tears run down my face
My will died with your demand

Your broad hips against mine
Always able to steal my reserve
Somehow you crossed that line
I suppose i got what I deserve

The hot passionate touch
Sweet whispers resonate in my ear
How did I learn to hate you so much
The newest reason I fear

Never will my heart be opem
I know eventually I will heal
Words of forgiveness never spoken
Time will change but it doesn't seem real

Oh sweet man inside
It seems as though your excyses break
Bend me until I want to hide
Was your love for me only fake

Do you really disregard my love
The touch was beautiful left me gaping
Your not a broken dove
The way I feel was like a raping

Of my heart and soul
The incomplete disregard
Have you met your goal
To remove my strong guard

This fact breaks me in two
Asshole, I really fell for you.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


I trusted you
Allowed you into the depths of my heart
It was impossibly painful when we had to part
Seems like I am just another mistake
Restless nights whilst i lie awake
The endless torments you bestow
They make me want to blow.

I can hardly concentrate anymore
When you left me, I felt like a whore
Why do i still crave your touch
Sometimes I care to much
The disgust of self, fills me with rage
Like an animal begging to be freed from its cage.

The allure of past addictions
Your words feel like a contradiction
The swelling pain in my breast
I want to rip my heart from my chest
How dare you question my love!
If anything it was a gift from above.

11:07pm Feb 1 2011

Untitled # 2 February 1

The irradication of thought.
The scandal unseemingly caught
The lust for normality returns
The unsettling emotions reprieved.

The dip into a rythmical reality
Cynicism fading from empty eyes
Loss of self will and righteousness
Salvation has come but at a cost.

The process of moving forward
Aching Hearts pierced by a sword

8:58 pm Feb 1 2010

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Untitled #1 Feb 1st

The soft rifling touch,
Easily turned to a painful strike
The pain and betrayl burning through our blood
Are we the forsakened ones?

Cursed by the beauty
Sin swirling in the eyes
Being decieved by the alowing voddies
The ill fates broke us

For what did we do to deserve this pain
The unmistaken identity of the gods
In human form

How can we break these shackles
Free ourselves from this hurt
For it was not I who asked to be bestowed with this alleged gift?
It was not I who asked to become a whore for all humanity.
Finally it was not I who asked to be robbed of my opinion.

Hark I cry out for salvation
when may i redeem these simple gifts.
The gifts of love deliver
When may I stop hiding in fear from my emotions

February 1st 8:48pm

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Long Lost

The long lost uncanny feeling of love
the confusion built up inside the heart
how could she allow this to overcome her
she is the warrior.
The protector the savious,
she deigns to tend to his needs
but he wont notice her never notice her
the wilting flower with out water,
the pent up anger,
she desires him
a deep burning desire that brings her to her knees,
she is unsure what to say,
how to express herself,
how can she keep hiding from him

She must
remain self preservation
She cant take the thought of the rejection
she is already aware of how he feels
and knows that there will be no result in her favour.
She is strung like a thread braking under extreme tension,
she wants to be freed,
but these bonds are heart deep
she doesnt understand how she could have developed these feelings.

What can she say?
What can she do?
Should she wait for his feelings to change...

the known reality.

The true and simple fact is.
You will never know who you are.
I can write about you,
The way you hold yourself,
You dont know me
You wont know me.
The impossible is that way for a reason,
I could ommit a high treason,
Rob your heart,
May i hold it.
I can never be the reliever.
I am so confused.
How could i allow this to happen,


I linger in your prescence
A ghost of who you are.
You cannot see me because you allow
The blindness to over come you
Cant I show,
Out of the question,
I will hide,
Quick gazes holding my breath
The way my heart secretly quickens
Your touch,
Why dont you notice the little severity,
the way the gravity pulls.